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We use State-of-the-art technology on our mission to make the Australian Department of Defence, a world leader in technology adoption and innovation.

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Cutting-Edge Defence Innovation and Expertise


Tailor-made systems and solutions that enhance and empower the operations of the Australian Defence Force.


Trusted ISO 9001: 2015 certified 100% homegrown technology solutions for defence, that exceed security and regulatory requirements.


Delivered by a talented in-house team of technical experts with an innovative mindset and proven experience in undertaking defence contracts.


Specialists in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Virtual, Augmented and Mixed reality applications for defence.

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Leverage the Power of AI with StealthStart AI


StealthStart AI delivers rapid AI MVP prototypes, enabling enterprises, defence industry suppliers and members to immediately explore and validate innovative concepts in AI and mobile Apps. Our process manages every detail – from data labelling, cleaning, and custom AI model generation to model optimisation – providing you with a comprehensive MVP that stands on its own.


Defence Tech Specialists

Our Award-winning development teams are experts in the fields of Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality technology solutions and Computer Vision - Artificial Intelligence Applications.


Solutions that Enhance Sovereign Defence Capabilities

Development of robust cybersecurity solutions to protect critical infrastructure, military networks, and sensitive information from cyber threats and attacks.

Providing secure and reliable communication systems, including encrypted communication tools, satellite communication systems, and secure data transmission solutions.

Designing and manufacturing advanced surveillance technologies and reconnaissance systems, to gather intelligence across various operational environments.

Developing command and control systems that enable efficient coordination and decision-making.

Technologies for electronic warfare, information warfare, and signals intelligence to gain a strategic advantage in the information domain.

Advanced sensor technologies, including radar systems, infrared sensors, and other detection devices, to enhance situational awareness on the battlefield.

Satellite technologies for communication, navigation, and earth observation to support military operations and intelligence gathering.

Advanced technology-driven logistics and supply chain management solutions to ensure timely and efficient delivery of resources and equipment.

Developing virtual training and simulation technologies to train Australian Defence Force personnel in a realistic and risk-free environment.

Deploying unmanned systems, robotics, and autonomous vehicles to perform tasks such as reconnaissance, surveillance, and logistics.

Our Projects with Defence


AI Marksmanship Scoring Application

Elegant Media developed a mobile application for the Australian Army Skill at Arms Meet (AASAM), that automatically detects the fall of shot and calculates the score using Computer Vision.


Application to Streamline Aviation Documentation

Elegant Media designed, developed and deployed a Mobile and Web Application for the Royal Australian Air Force aimed at streamlining access to regulative aviation documentation.


Defence Innovation with the Experts

Technology empowers defence forces to respond rapidly, gain strategic advantages, and effectively counter evolving threats. The integration of cutting-edge technologies ensures Australia’s ability to navigate the complexities of modern warfare and maintain a robust defence posture in an ever-changing global landscape.

Effective, Powerful and Responsive Defence Technology

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